Our emotional insight suite results in a more efficient, more effective delivery of mental and emotional care & wellbeing

One in every four people worldwide will experience a mental or emotional health issue at some point in their lifetimes. According to recent findings by clinicians and mental health experts, the unpredictability and uncertainty of COVID-19 lockdowns, physical distancing and other containment strategies — coupled with the resulting economic and social breakdown — will further increase people’s risk for mental ill-health and exacerbate existing health inequalities.

In this context, what we need are innovative new ways to equip people with a suite of tools they can use to more effectively and efficiently understand changes in their emotional states over time and across different spaces. EiQ is currently doing this through the development of a forthcoming app that pairs with off-the-shelf wearable hardware (i.e., a smart watch or chest strap) to collect readings of users’ Heart Rate Variability. This information is delivered to users through our intuitive dashboard visualizations, which aggregate various biometric responses over extended periods of time.

THIS technology contributes to user empowerment, mental health treatment and care in two important ways

  1. Providing advanced, comprehensive, reliable biodata collection
  2. Developing enriched, integrated, holistic treatment mechanisms

An emotionally intelligent (EIQ) future is coming. Sensors embedded in homes, cities and social media platforms interpret faces, voices, text and biorhythms to gather data and build emotional profiles of anyone and everyone connected. The textures of people’s emotional lives have already began to reflect this reality. By helping people to identify the actionable triggers of specific emotional events and make linkages with larger patterns and behaviours over time, our emotional insight suite streamlines the emotional data collection process.

In partnership with mental health practitioners and consultants at the Design Fabrication Zone (DFZ) located within The Creative School at the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) at Ryerson University, we are working to optimize the delivery of personalized, real-time emotional insights to users in the most secure and efficient ways possible. Check back soon for more updates on the development of this exciting and pathbreaking technology.