Making feelings make sense.

Wearable biosensors can empower people to become more aware of their emotions. Whether at home, at work, online or on the move.

At EiQ Technologies, we focus on smarter ways to understand emotions. Our portable device uses biometric data to provide customized actionable feedback on the relationship between persistent moods and real-time shifts in feelings as they relate to the activities of daily life.

Long gone are the days when emotions were experiences we could never hope to understand with scientific precision. 

With wearable biosignals that perceive changes in location and context, as well as physiological feedback, there is the promise of gathering powerful, reliable data for improving people’s understanding of the positive and negative environmental factors integral to human health and social and emotional well-being.

Our wearable device, which utilizes open source hardware and software, collects inputs of the human-emotional terrain through self-reporting and electrocardiogram (ECG). It is discrete and easy to use. By converting small changes in user biodata into a colour-coded system that intuitively denotes shifts in emotions, our algorithm generates awareness for users into how their physiological states reflect the different emotional arousals they experience over the course of an average day.

This data is anonymized and plotted on an interactive map, which provides insights into the emotional ‘feel’ of an environment. It can then be aggregated and analyzed in near real time, reviewed historically and exported securely through our smartphone app. The app can also be set to send colour notifications to the users devices, including screen tint shifts, making it easy for people to see and respond to how their online and everyday activities affect their moods. 

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