emotional intelligence, enhanced

At EiQ Technologies we are developing the world’s first low cost suite of wearable, machine learning, emotional insight tools built around the most scientifically reliable physiological indicator of emotional states: the human heart.

Our suite, which emphasizes affordability, portability and facilitating humane computer interactions (HCI), makes it easier and more reliable to gather and compare data about emotional states across space and time by facilitating:

– Remote & mobile collection of data

– Real-time & historical visualizations of emotional events

– Accurate insight into long term mental health patterns & triggers

What’s new @ Eiq

Scientific Potentials of HRV

Despite all the amazing and necessary things the heart performs everyday to keep people alive and healthy, the connection between the heart and not only human health but human happiness and emotional well-being is only now under exploration by scientists, researchers and practitioners from a wide assortment of disciplinary backgrounds. HRV, or heart rate variability, … Continue reading Scientific Potentials of HRV

Emotional Self-alienation

How well do you really know your own emotions? Can you accurately describe when you are feeling depressed? Anxious? Overjoyed? What about some of the reasons you might be feeling this way? It’s okay if you’re unsure. Most people are relatively unfamiliar with their emotions. In our emotion-phobic culture, we are often taught how to … Continue reading Emotional Self-alienation

Biometrics and the Body

When we are afraid the heart races, breathing becomes rapid, the mouth dries up, muscles tense, and palms become sweaty. We may feel anxious, stressed, panicked or nervous, but emotion recognition does not end here. Psychophysiology shows us that such changes are mediated by the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which operates the sympathetic and parasympathetic … Continue reading Biometrics and the Body

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