the founders

As a team, we have been exploring, developing, and testing approaches to emotional-AI across the public and private sectors for the past five years. We are all PhD candidates focusing on social and human centred applications of emotion technologies. Our interdisciplinary approach and unique areas of expertise make us an innovative, flexible and well-rounded group.

A.T. Kingsmith

Adam T. Kingsmith is an emotion scientist, mixed media documentarian and author whose myriad of interests converge on the political economy of mental health and wellness. He has written widely on technology, psychology, economic development, labour and e-health. His current project, ‘Anxiety as a Weapon’, explores the empowering potentials of new socio-technical models for transforming the mental health landscape.

His primary contributions to EiQ are:
-integrating qualitative emotion modelling with data-driven approaches
-theorizing social frameworks of mental health and wellness
-developing partnerships across public and private sectors
-organizational management and strategic operations
-web design and digital communications

A.T. is a PhD candidate at York University and instructor at the Ontario College of Art and Design. He is also a recipient of the 2021 Joseph and Antoinette Sorbara Entrepreneurial Award for his work with EiQ. To unwind, he likes to shoot film and hoops.

Julian von Bargen

Julian von Bargen is a researcher, data scientist and media theorist focused on the social implications of networked computers, data systems, algorithms and AI. He is motivated by the concern that at stake in the design and deployment of emotional AI is the dignity and autonomy of being human in the 21st century.

His primary contributions to EiQ are:
-mathematical modelling of emotions
-building software visualization and comparison tools
-testing and verification
-designing the human/machine learning algorithms
-HRV and emotions expertise

He is also a PhD candidate at York University and contract faculty at Ryerson University. When not working, Julian can be found playing badminton with his partner and two daughters on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, or if the kids are sleeping, reading science fiction.

William S. Jaques

William S. Jaques is a philosophy scholar, ethicist, and long time maker. William believes that openness fosters social and technological development and adheres to a holistic view of embodied consciousness. Their work centres around open technologies, collaborative creation, and bringing to life humane imagined technofutures. They are interested in studying the heart to better understand the impact of embodied emotional experience on cognition, rationality, and consciousness.

Their primary contributions to EiQ are:
-hardware design
-liasing with open source communities
-web and mobile application design
-critical data management and database architecture
-applied theories and design of technology enhanced embodied emotional experiences

They are a PhD candidate at York University and professor in the Department of Liberal Arts, Sciences and Innovation at Humber College. In their personal time, William can be found hiking or camping in the backcountry.

Saalih Arif

Saalih Arif is a full-stack developer focused on combining his knowledge of computer science with psychology to solve meaningful problems. He has previously worked on multiple projects on both the front and backend of the application.

His primary contributions to EiQ are:
-reviewing Emotion AI literature and implementing it in functional code
-developing UI for website/mobile app
-working on the prototype app on Fitbit/wear OS

Saalih is currently an undergraduate mechatronics engineering student who is also doing a minor in psychology and a minor in entrepreneurship. During his free time, Saalih enjoys going on long walks, listening to podcasts, and playing squash.